2023: Jega rejects rotational presidency, says Nigeria needs competent leader

Former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega, has rejected the rotational presidency being agitated by some Nigerians particularly the Southern leaders.

Jega, while speaking on ARISE TV on Tuesday, said the country needs a competent leader who would save Nigeria from the current security, and economic crises.

According to him, the solution to Nigeria’s problem cannot be tackled merely by zoning the presidency to a particular region stating that all the country needs is a candidate with capacity and experience.

“The way our country is now, we need the best person with competence, capacity, experience to become the president in 2023 to take us out of the challenges we have presently.

“That person can come from the North, South, East or the West, but the important thing is that even if political parties decide that a candidate should come from a particular area, what we need to do is that Nigerians must interrogate the capacity of that person to lead this country appropriately”.

Professor Jega, who conducted the 2015 general elections that birthed the current administration, urged Nigerians to watch out for the candidate’s personality and not the region or political party he/she comes from.