9mobile poor network: Nigerians blast service provider over prolonged shutdown

Telecom operator, 9mobile, has come under heavy attack by Nigerians over its poor network in parts of the country.

Customers on Thursday lamented the current poor network in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, Lagos and some other states.

BBNAIJA ONLINE” gathered that 9mobile’s network has become quite erratic, and almost non existent, especially in Lagos and Abuja.

The customers alleged that the poor service they are experiencing has made communication almost impossible.

Some Nigerians who complained bitterly said 9mobile has displayed high level of negligence and incompetence for not informing their customers that their services will be terrible for days.

According to them, the inaction, incautious and negligence displayed by the operator was disheartening.

Here are some comments BBNAIJA ONLINE” gathered on Twitter.

@ronniebee3, “ Still no service on 9mobile, over 24 hours now. In sane climes, they would offer compensation to the clients but this is Nigeria, people will celebrate & count their loses when it gets restored. Quite unfortunate.”

@Olawalemd, “ 9mobile or Etisalat should tell us if they have folded up instead of all this rubbish service they have been providing for the past 8 months. First it was poor internet speeds, now I can’t even receive calls anymore. No network. What sort of rubbish is this for heaven’s sake?”

@liveoflagos, “This is the kind of clueless country we live in. @9mobileng feel is is okay to totally disconnect a customer for over 12 hours. No explanations. No apologies. Nothing.They keep doing this nonsense over and over again because this is Nigeria. No one can make them pay.”

Ilomoai, “ 9mobile has had no network for a couple of hours now. Can’t call, can’t text. Zero notify from the network. And even more unlikely that there will be an apology. And this isn’t the first time. For the past few months, there would be no network at random times. Couldn’t browse, and sometimes couldn’t call. I would literally be stranded, unable to communicate with anyone. This is trash behaviour, and now there’s no one on Twitter to make a complaint to because of ban. Tired of this place.“

@Homzie, “ Ever since the switch from Etisalat to 9mobile, the internet has been very mediocre.”

@Zudriel, “ I am in a toxic relationship with @9mobilengCare 9mobile. How do you switch off network for 24 hours? And this is the third day of your horrible network.”

@lolajaey, “9mobile really messed me up. Their customer service will hear from me today. Because this rubbish is getting out of hands.”

@lolaiba, “I haven’t had network since yesterday and I’m mad as HELL because I have a running 40GB subscription.”

@cashmerepepi,”9mobile will just go off for 24hrs. which kind toxic relationship be this? Even Malcom & Marie case no bad like this.”

@ruth, “They are so annoying, like I was so mad. It is best to stop using the network. I just had to buy another SIM now because my 9mobile is useless at the moment. I got to there office, I was told no service also, just imagine.”

When BBNAIJA ONLINE” reached 9-mobile, it said network in parts of Abuja and Lagos has become erratic because maintenance was ongoing.

It urged customers to exercise patience as services will return soon.