Imo: Owerri too dirty – APGA to Gov Uzodinma

The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) has asked Senator Hope Uzodinma to “wake up from his slumber” and stop politicking with the lives of Imo people.

APGA noted that the state is dirty, adding that it is dangerous for Ndi Imo to live in such a dirty environment.

The opposition party, in a statement signed by Comrade Chinagorom Ifeanyi, Director General, DG Imo APGA Media, said the rate of indiscriminate dumping of refuse in Owerri Capital City at the moment cannot be overemphasized.

APGA said, “Owerri, Imo State capital, was once rated the cleanest city in Nigeria. An independent investigation showed that Owerri lost her glory in terms of cleanliness in the past eight years, particularly during the time of Senator Rochas Okorocha as Imo Governor. The investigation also indicated that Owerri Capital City at the moment, has virtually got out of hand as there is no conscious effort by the government towards putting the city back on the part of glory as far as clean and fantastic environment is concerned.”

“A movement round Owerri metropolis shows that the Capital City is now among the dirtiest in Nigeria. Where do we start from? Wetheral Road that used to be a wonderful sight to behold since it is the only road that leads straight to Imo Government House from the Airport, has suddenly become a valley of indiscriminate refuse dump coupled with the unpleasant presence of beggars and persons with mental health issues.”

“Ala Owerri is now favourable environment for beggars and mad persons due to its dirtiness.”

Okigwe Road – Orji; Douglas Road; Orlu Road, especially Amakohia-Akwakuma; World Bank; New Owerri; Onitsha and Aba Roads; Ikenegbu; Bishops Court and other parts of Owerri Capital City are indeed, a harbinger of sort. A stroll along Wethedral Road, between old ITC Park and Government House roundabout would give an individual clearer picture how messy things are at the moment.”

“Because of the dirtiness of Owerri Capital City, beggars and mentally unwell persons have occupied everywhere, including. They cook, warehouse their dirty bags and baggage; and worst still, openly defecate in these places without confrontation. ”

“As a matter of fact, Imo Waste Management Agency does not know its jobs, as Imo Governor does not know his too. ”

“A visit to Bank Road, Government House Roundabout, Ware House Junction, Douglas Road, Ohaozara Street – Ikenegbu, Aladinma, Mbaise Road, Akwakuma roundabout, Naze Junction, Egbo road, etc. will actually convince anyone that all is not well with Owerri Capital City after all. ”

“It is very unfortunate how Owerri Capital City lost its glory in cleanliness and security. Since the emergence of the present government, the good people of Imo State have not had breath of fresh air. ”

“Imo APGA therefore calls on the State government to sit up and stop indiscriminate dumping of refuse, particular on major roads and streets of Owerri Capital City; alongside throwing trash out from moving vehicles, which is a punishable offence. It is unfortunate how the present government has thrown everywhere open for displaced persons from the North and other parts of Nigeria. This as a matter of fact, shows that the government of Senator Hope Uzodinma is not alive to its responsibilities.”

“As a Party that really cares for the sufferings and pains of the masses, Imo APGA calls upon Senator Uzodinma to wake up and stop politicking. The lives of Imo people matter a lot. It is dangerous for Ndi Imo to live in such a dirty environment. ”

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