Nigeria still flowing with opportunities – Public health expert tells students

Nigerians, especially youths, have been admonished to see the inherent opportunities that abound in the country and also to endeavour to be good ambassadors of the country instead of engaging in sharp practices that could tarnish its image.

The Special Adviser on Public Health to the Osun State Governor, Pharm. Olasiji Olamiju, gave this admonition in his address at the opening ceremony of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Wednesday.

Olamiju noted that despite the series of challenges confronting Nigeria, she is still flowing with milk and honey, adding that with positive mindsets things will go well in the country.

According to him, “You can become whatever you have determined to be, irrespective of any odds. I know some of you might be planning to fly out of the country after graduation, possibly to where you get millions as salary but the sad truth is, if you get paid 10 million as salary, you will also pay several millions as taxes.

“Note this, never think Nigeria is worthless. It is our orientation that is bad. Go to any street or estate, the best houses you will see there were not built by people abroad.

“What that means is, our country, regardless of the hurdles, is still a land of opportunities flowing with milk and honey but it takes positive mindsets and determination to see it.”

The public health expert, while maintaining that the problem is not Nigeria, revealed that most people do not recognise opportunities when it presents itself.

“That is why I summarised university education as a combination of packaged programmes that will enable individuals who had gone through it to recognise opportunities before it passes them by,” he said.

Earlier, the Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Magret Afolabi during her remark challenged the pharmaceutical students association to look beyond pharmacy as there was no limit to what they could become.

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