Taliban takeover: Manchester, Liverpool to welcome Afghanistan refugees

The mayors of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham; and the Liverpool City region, Steve Rotheram, have said they will welcome refugees from Afghanistan but that those fleeing persecution must be fairly distributed around the country.

Recall that Afghanistan was plunged into turmoil after the Taliban took over the country, invaded Kabul, the nation’s capital and occupied the Presidency.

This happened after the United States of America pulled out its military after spending about two decades in the war ravaged country.

Reacting to the development, Burnham told Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday: “We of course – as always – stand ready to help and to welcome people here who need our help, but it does need to be fair to places like Greater Manchester.

“The truth of the matter is there is a fractured relationship between places like Greater Manchester and the Home Office.”

Also, on his part, Rotheram told the Liverpool Echo: “Our city region has long been a sanctuary for people escaping war, famine and persecution and we will do all we can to assist refugees from this terrible conflict.

“Ultimately, the decision rests at a national level with Boris Johnson and Priti Patel who must provide support, but my message is clear: refugees are welcome in our city region.”